Why Selling Cars Is Like Making Love

I think what most car sales http://imagineear.com/pharmacy/ people and dealerships fail to recognize is that selling cars is like making love.  I know that might sound funny at first.

Let me explain my theory and perhaps it will help clean up the negative car sales stereotypes that exist and make buying a car a more enjoyable experience for everybody.

Step 1: Make It Shine

If you are going to make wonderful love, or get top dollar for your vehicles…You need to be as visually appealing as possible.  This requires spending time detailing yourself and your product.  I am constantly disappointed when I see the pictures dealerships use to sell their cars.

The problem is that most dealerships are using boxed systems that are sold to the masses and allow little to no customization options.  The image galleries they provide are very limited and make for a rather lack luster user experience.  If you are looking to increase your game…you need to have the tools needed to do so.

Take a look at Exotic Classics and you will see how creating a stunning visual is the 1st step in finding success. Click the Picture Below to See How To Sell More Cars

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Step 2: Get Your Product In The Right Hands

If you are going to make wonderful, passionate, love you will need to find quality prospects who are interested in what you have to offer.  Selling Cars in no different.  Many dealers and sales people are under the assumption that More Leads = More Sales.  They get excited when companies promise to deliver more leads, but what they fail to realize is that the vast majority of these companies are delivering sub par, or in many cases, even Fake Leads.

If you are going to find success you need to realize the magic is in the Quality not the Quantity.  Knowing your product, how to market it, and where to put it is the key.  We are experts at inventory syndication and know how to get your product in the right hands.  Our knowledge eliminates the tire kickers and allows you to close more deals.

Step 3:  Make Them Feel Comfortable

The more comfortable you can make people feel…The better your love making or car selling experience will be.  Nothing is a bigger turn off than pulling up to a dealership and having a group of hungry, car sales people standing outside, immediately put their cigarettes out and rush over to practically tear you out of your car and try to sell you something you are not interested in.  The same is true when it comes to love making.

Get a hold of yourself and make people feel comfortable and relaxed.  Nobody likes to be pressured.  Pressuring people into buying cars leads to as many regrets as pressuring people into making love.  Be a gentleman/woman and you will build lifetime relationships that continue to prosper with age.

Step 4:  Honesty and Trust

Honesty is the key to happiness and paves the road towards trusting and fulfilling relationships.  If you are going to make beautiful love, or find success selling cars, you need to be 100% Honest.  It is unfortunate that honesty is the one characteristic the vast majority of the population would never associate with car sales people.  It is the biggest stereotype that exists in the industry and one that almost all dealerships struggle to reverse.

Dishonesty is the biggest turn off in the world and it always leads to disaster in the end.  We need to change this negative stereotype and the only way to do it is to be Honest and Ethical with every interaction.   This will allow you to build Trust in the hearts and minds of others and will make for a mutually enjoyable experience.

Step 5:  Enjoy The Ride/Communicate

Communication is the key to fulfilling love making.  It is also the key to finding success selling cars.  If the ride is not enjoyable…Don’t expect people to have a burning desire to want to take another one.  The Test Drive is your chance to encourage your client to test the waters and experiment a little bit.  Encourage them to “open it up”, “try all the toys”, and “find a comfortable position”.  Ask them what they like and give them what they ask for…If you can do this you will find success selling cars and making love.

Treat your customers like lovers and you will never have to worry about the stresses involved with selling cars.

If you or your dealership,  need a make over and want to up your game…Give me a call and I will gladly provide a free consultation.

To Your Success,

Matt Petersen

All Auto Network