Top 3 Chuck Norris Dealer Website Complaints


Just imagine if Chuck Norris was unhappy with your Dealer Website…

While there are no guaranteed ways to keep Chuck Norris from getting his Nun-Chucks out and going NINJA…

The following 3 tips will help keep your Dealer Safe and Profitable this Holiday Season!

1. Too Much Clutter

Is your Dealer website cluttered with too much information? Does it look like a bad classified newspaper ad?

Chuck’s time is very valuable and he does not enjoy getting bombarded with too many decisions/options/opt-ins/ads etc…

When Chuck is in the market to buy a vehicle he wants an easy to surf and visually appealing website like the one below.


Miller Motorcars


2. Not Enough Video

Chuck is a fond lover of the Film and Media industry and a big fan of websites that employ the latest and most state of the art technology.

Does your Dealer Website employ the latest technology available and will Chuck be “Wow”ed when he logs on?

Video allows for amazing Branding opportunity and user experience.

The following site employs state of the art technology and makes Chuck proud. Go ahead and click it…We dare you!


orlando lamborghini


3.  Poor Quality Pictures

Chuck is very particular with image quality when it comes to shopping for cars online. Does your Dealership take pride in the pictures they are taking?

The more time you spend detailing and photographing your vehicles…The better chance you have of doing business with Chuck Norris.

Below is an example of a Dealer that takes great pride in their photos.


Luxury Auto Dealer Website


If your Auto Dealer Website is not up to Chuck’s approval and you want to ensure your Dealer experiences the Highest Profitability while offering the Best User Experience…

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