Robot Cars–The Future or Signs of The End?

robot cars

self driving robot cars


I felt obligated to write about the above link.  Being a fond lover of technology it should seem obvious that  I would be a big fan of this emerging technology.  Unfortunately, I am also a big fan of the human condition and ability of man.  Has society really sank to such a level,  that we as humans,  need to be taken out of the driver seat of our vehicles and replaced with robots or other forms of artificial intelligence?  Are we really that incapable of operating our own vehicles?  Have we become too lazy and distracted to handle such a task?   And who really benefits from this new technology?

Convenience, Safety, and Savings are always the selling points of such technology.  Coincidentally,  they are also the typical bait that is used to get people to trade their personal responsibilities and freedoms for a less stressful and easier life.  I don’t mean to sound like a skeptic or conspiracy theorist, but rather than get stimulated with the thought of having a robot or computer drive my car…I get disturbed and have to ask the following questions:

1.  Who will control the robots that drive my car?

2.  What happens when my robot driver malfunctions or even worse gets hacked?

3.  What type of data is being mined by my robot driver and who is accessing and profiting from this data?

4.  Will my robot be able to entertain my children, while I indulge in fast food and update my social networks?

5.  Will my children still need to ride in child seats?  If not, how many jobs are going to be lost when that industry is put out of business?

7.  Will my robot scream profanities when the robot in front of him/her suddenly brakes for a deer? Can it be programmed to only do so when the children are not in the car?

8.  Will my insurance company encourage me to buy their “All New” robot insurance?  Will George Soros open a discount robot insurance company?

9.  Will couples be able to engage in backseat love making while on the highway?  Will there be designated love making zones?  What will those signs look like? LOL

And how could I forget…

10.  Will the NSA have secret spy cams and recording devices installed in my robot just for additional safety?

Would love to hear your thoughts and concerns…