Is Your Dealer Website Sexy?

Have you ever noticed how cluttered and boring the majority of car dealer websites are?

Ever wondered why they all seem to look and behave the same?

The reason for this is because most dealers are using mandated solutions, rather than standing out from the pack and pursuing excellence.

Imagine going to a Valentines Day event and finding everybody at the event wearing the same clothes, drinking the same wine, sporting the same hairstyle, talking about the same topics, and behaving in the same exact manner…

Pretty Boring…Right?

Now imagine the door opens and everybody stops drinking the cheap wine and turns their heads to see an amazingly handsome and charismatic Irishman wearing a super cool sport coat, some killer shades, and a unique pair of dancing shoes entering the room…


I will be leaving the party with virtually every woman’s phone number:-)

Whenever you are told what to do and how to behave…you are jeopardizing your own identity and limiting your success.

If you study the most successful and innovative people in the world, you will notice that what made them great, was their ability to step outside the box and do things differently than the rest of the population.

If you want your Auto Dealer to stand out from the pack and build a Brand that will create a forever lasting impression in the mind of your clients…you need to give them something remarkable.

Something SEXY if you will.

We work with a variety of clients and all of them have specific needs and unique workflows. Many of them come to us frustrated with the limitations of the Big Box systems they have been told to use by either upper management, franchise headquarters, a know it all consultant, or somebody else who did not spend the time to listen to their needs and understand their unique situations.

Our system was originally built for one of the most successful classic car dealers in the country as a custom website development project.  It was a pioneer system and custom tailored to the specific workflow of the client.

To make a long story short…it was a major success and soon dealers across the country were contacting us wanting to work together.

Fast forward 17 years, and we are now the chosen website and inventory management provider for many of the most successful dealerships in the country.

Our goal has always been to provide our clients with the most cutting-edge design and technology available.  We understand each and every client has unique workflows and requires the ability to customize their system to fit those processes.

Many of our clients run our websites as marketing sites on separate domains, alongside their limited Big Box systems.  This allows them the ability to step outside of the box and do things differently than their competitors.

It allows them to be as SEXY as they want in other words.

This Valentine’s Day I invite you to think about how your current Auto Dealer Website looks in comparison to the competition.

Does it look and behave like all the rest?

If so…

We should talk.

To Your Success,

Matt Petersen

All Auto Network


NOTE:  The original client I refer to in this post is still a proud member of the All Auto Network family.  We pride ourselves on service and forming lifetime relationships with our clients 🙂