How to Sell Donald Trump a Car


Imagine if you had the opportunity to sell Donald Trump a car…

I know what you are thinking…

There is no way Donald Trump would buy a car from our dealership.

If your dealer website looks like a clone of your competition and you are using the same exact tools and strategies that every other dealership is using…

You are probably right. Donald Trump would never do business with you.

The key to capturing clientele like the Trumpster is to create an exceptional buying experience and form a memorable relationship.

In other words…You need to build a BRAND.

The first step in creating an exceptional buying experience is to step outside of the box and quit doing things the same way your competitors do.

The best way to accomplish this, is to quit listening to all of the so called “gurus” who sell the latest and greatest sales widgets/solutions at the dealer conventions.

You know the ones I am talking about…

They are incredible sales people and can hypnotize audiences to buy just about anything.

The only problem is that most of them are selling products that are overpriced and ineffective. (snake oil)

I always laugh when I am sitting at the bar at a dealer convention and one of the “pep rallies” lets out and all of the glassy eyed attendees start filing in and talking about their amazing new sales widgets/solutions and how they are going to shatter sales records.

This is usually when I, and the multi millionaire dealer owner, I just happened to meet at the bar while everybody else was getting brainwashed decide to go out by the pool and take a break from the chaos.

Much like Trump, he appreciates the fact that I stepped outside the box, did not use the same sales pitch everybody else was using, and delivered a superior user experience.

Donald Trump is the same way, so quit listening to all of these convention “gurus” and allow me to help you create the BRAND you always dreamed of…

If you are ready to transform the way your dealership does business and take your game to the next level, call me on my cell at 262-716-6785 and we can discuss ways to reach your goals.

To Your Success,

Matt Petersen
All Auto Network

P.S. ┬áIf you are using one of the highly marketed big box systems…You are missing out on HUGE INCOME POTENTIAL.