Top 3 Chuck Norris Dealer Website Complaints


Just imagine if Chuck Norris was unhappy with your Dealer Website…

While there are no guaranteed ways to keep Chuck Norris from getting his Nun-Chucks out and going NINJA…

The following 3 tips will help keep your Dealer Safe and Profitable this Holiday Season!

1. Too Much Clutter

Is your Dealer website cluttered with too much information? Does it look like a bad classified newspaper ad?

Chuck’s time is very valuable and he does not enjoy getting bombarded with too many decisions/options/opt-ins/ads etc…

When Chuck is in the market to buy a vehicle he wants an easy to surf and visually appealing website like the one below.


Miller Motorcars


2. Not Enough Video

Chuck is a fond lover of the Film and Media industry and a big fan of websites that employ the latest and most state of the art technology.

Does your Dealer Website employ the latest technology available and will Chuck be “Wow”ed when he logs on?

Video allows for amazing Branding opportunity and user experience.

The following site employs state of the art technology and makes Chuck proud. Go ahead and click it…We dare you!


orlando lamborghini


3.  Poor Quality Pictures

Chuck is very particular with image quality when it comes to shopping for cars online. Does your Dealership take pride in the pictures they are taking?

The more time you spend detailing and photographing your vehicles…The better chance you have of doing business with Chuck Norris.

Below is an example of a Dealer that takes great pride in their photos.


Luxury Auto Dealer Website


If your Auto Dealer Website is not up to Chuck’s approval and you want to ensure your Dealer experiences the Highest Profitability while offering the Best User Experience…

All Auto Network would be glad to Help! CONTACT US Today!

How To Sell More Cars On Ebay–Tips Car Dealers Selling on Ebay Need To Know

I recently had the opportunity to attend an Ebay Motors training seminar and picked up some great tips that I wanted to share with the group. I have always been a big advocate of Ebay and believe when it is used correctly it can be incredibly profitable for dealers. I have put together a list of the 10 Best Ebay Practices for Car Dealers and hope you find it helpful.

  1. Titles—Maximizing the 80 character Title is the most important thing you can do. Titles are what help your vehicle get found in searches, so be sure to list the “Hot Buttons” such as: Leather, Navigation, 17” Custom Wheels, etc… It is important to make your listing stand out to buyers and let them know what makes your vehicle better than the others.
  2. Pictures—Vehicles with 40 pictures or more have 75% greater sales. When taking the pictures try to show just how well the vehicle has been taken care of and how organized you are. Be sure to include pictures of: keys, owner’s manual, service records, dash, odometer, VIN, along with your virtual walk around and interior shots. Having a high quality camera and good lighting will further improve your success. Remember “Image is Everything” when it comes to selling cars online.
  3. Contact Info—Too much is never enough when it comes to putting your contact info in a vehicle listing. According to the guys at Ebay, your name, email, and phone number should appear in a listing at least 10 times. It is also a good idea to put a picture of the dealership or sales person with a quick synopsis of your experience. Example would be “I have been selling on Ebay Motors for 7 years and have perfect feedback. I would be glad to assist you in any way to help you get a fair price on the car of your dreams!” The more personal you can make it the better.
  4. Descriptions—Creating personal descriptions that create emotion is the key to getting more interest in your dealership and vehicles. The more fun you can make your ad the more memorable it will become to potential buyers. Give the vehicle a personality and add some character to your listing. People get bored with typical VIN decoded descriptions and options so make the listing shine. Think of it as a resume if you will.  Ideally a vehicle description should include 5 paragraphs. The first paragraph should include the make, model, year, mileage, and condition. The second paragraph should focus on what makes the vehicle special. What type of options and add-ons does the vehicle have such as: Warranty, New Tires, Navigation, 4×4, Custom Paint, etc… The 3rd paragraph should focus on the price. Does the vehicle have a Low Reserve, No Reserve, Buy it Now, Special Financing, etc… The 4th paragraph should address who you are and how you can be contacted. Finally, the 5th paragraph should focus on what makes your dealership special and why your vehicles are great purchases.
  5. Keywords—Using strong and relevant keywords is crucial to getting more traffic to your listings. The subtitles are a great place to make use of your keywords and highlight options such as: heated seats, dvd player, tv’s, towing package, etc… Do not use annoying text art like “L@@K, W@W, Must $EE, !!!, etc… It is also important not to use the same word twice.
  6. Auction Length—7 day auctions are recommended with a starting bid of $100. If you are going to use a 10 day auction then it is recommended to start it on a Friday to ensure maximum traffic and exposure. Posting your listings at the same time every week is also a good idea as it allows you to more easily manage the listings and know when your auctions are ending. The most traffic occurs between Friday and Sunday on Ebay Motors and 2pm ET and 8pm ET are the recommended ending times for your listings. Bidding will be heaviest in the beginning and the end of an auction. It is also crucial to contact every bidder and answer every question in a timely manner.
  7. Pricing Tips—As is always the case with selling cars…Pricing is going to be a major part of your success. Obviously, everybody is price conscious when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. Research shows that the lower the starting prices the more bidding activity. If you are going to set a reserve price, which I recommend, then that should be set to your lowest acceptable price. Using a Buy it Now price can be an effective technique and something to consider. If you use the Buy it Now feature it is recommended to be strategic with your pricing, as setting it too high or low, can greatly impact traffic. I recommend waiting until you speak to a bidder who is interested in buying the vehicle, negotiating a price over the phone, and then putting the Buy it Now price on the listing. Adding a Buy it Now option on the last day of the auction is also another great way to increase conversions. One of the greatest tips I can offer is to change your price within the auction. Research shows that listings that change the price every 3 days and 24 hours before the auction ends generate 5-6 more bids and increase the probability that the listing is successful by 50%. Remember that every time you change the price, everybody bidding on your vehicle will receive an email. Simply lower the Reserve or Buy it Now Price by $10 on Friday afternoon and the day the auction ends and you will see just how effective this technique is. Only 12% of dealers of Ebay Motors use this tactic but it is one of the best tips I can offer.
  8. Shipping—It is important to remember that 75% of sales on Ebay Motors come from outside the state. Ebay Motors customers are willing to travel to find the car they are looking for so be sure to mention your shipping options. Do you provide hotel, air, or transportation from the airport? Do you recommend a certain shipping company, offer discounts, etc…
  9. Feedback—Feedback is imperative to success selling on Ebay Motors. Encouraging your customers to leave feedback is highly recommended as it helps build your reputation. Be sure to remind all of your buyers to leave feedback and share their buying experience. This will ensure trust without test driving for out of state customers.
  10. Listing Tools—Having an Ebay posting tool is one of the smartest decisions your dealership can make. The ability to easily post vehicles from an inventory management system is priceless and saves a great deal of time. Investing in the right software will pay for itself, so do not just go with the cheapest solution available.

I hope I have offered some useful tips on finding success on Ebay Motors. It is an excellent way for Car Dealers to increase their sales and build their Brand. If you are interested in learning more about Inventory Management Software and the All Auto Network Ebay tool, feel free to visit our website at or call us toll free at 866-591-7555

Matthew Petersen

Marketing/SEO Specialist