Is Your Dealer Website Sexy?

Have you ever noticed how cluttered and boring the majority of car dealer websites are?

Ever wondered why they all seem to look and behave the same?

The reason for this is because most dealers are using mandated solutions, rather than standing out from the pack and pursuing excellence.

Imagine going to a Valentines Day event and finding everybody at the event wearing the same clothes, drinking the same wine, sporting the same hairstyle, talking about the same topics, and behaving in the same exact manner…

Pretty Boring…Right?

Now imagine the door opens and everybody stops drinking the cheap wine and turns their heads to see an amazingly handsome and charismatic Irishman wearing a super cool sport coat, some killer shades, and a unique pair of dancing shoes entering the room…


I will be leaving the party with virtually every woman’s phone number:-)

Whenever you are told what to do and how to behave…you are jeopardizing your own identity and limiting your success.

If you study the most successful and innovative people in the world, you will notice that what made them great, was their ability to step outside the box and do things differently than the rest of the population.

If you want your Auto Dealer to stand out from the pack and build a Brand that will create a forever lasting impression in the mind of your clients…you need to give them something remarkable.

Something SEXY if you will.

We work with a variety of clients and all of them have specific needs and unique workflows. Many of them come to us frustrated with the limitations of the Big Box systems they have been told to use by either upper management, franchise headquarters, a know it all consultant, or somebody else who did not spend the time to listen to their needs and understand their unique situations.

Our system was originally built for one of the most successful classic car dealers in the country as a custom website development project.  It was a pioneer system and custom tailored to the specific workflow of the client.

To make a long story short…it was a major success and soon dealers across the country were contacting us wanting to work together.

Fast forward 17 years, and we are now the chosen website and inventory management provider for many of the most successful dealerships in the country.

Our goal has always been to provide our clients with the most cutting-edge design and technology available.  We understand each and every client has unique workflows and requires the ability to customize their system to fit those processes.

Many of our clients run our websites as marketing sites on separate domains, alongside their limited Big Box systems.  This allows them the ability to step outside of the box and do things differently than their competitors.

It allows them to be as SEXY as they want in other words.

This Valentine’s Day I invite you to think about how your current Auto Dealer Website looks in comparison to the competition.

Does it look and behave like all the rest?

If so…

We should talk.

To Your Success,

Matt Petersen

All Auto Network


NOTE:  The original client I refer to in this post is still a proud member of the All Auto Network family.  We pride ourselves on service and forming lifetime relationships with our clients 🙂


Why 2014 is the year to Step Outside The Box

Click The Picture Below To See One of AAN’s latest Custom Dealer Websites

With the new year, comes a new opportunity, for your Auto Dealer to take their business to the next level. With the continued increase in online competition, having the most technologically advanced and user friendly website is the most valuable asset your Car Dealer can have.

Far too many car dealers are afraid to Step Outside of the Box when it comes to their websites and online marketing. Many dealers are forced into using certain inventory systems that leave very little to be desired when it comes to design and functionality.

These systems are built for the masses by companies that base their businesses on the whole “the more we can sell…the more we can profit mentality”.

This is a great model for the business and their shareholders, but how does it benefit the actual end user/customer?

It doesn’t.

It makes for a very boring and cumbersome car buying experience.

Customers bounce from one dealer website to the next wondering…

“Why do all Car Dealer Websites look the same and why is it so hard to find what I am looking for?”

Is this what your potential customers are saying as they browse your Car Dealer Website?

If you are like me, you enjoy going to a nice restaurant and enjoying a quality meal, as opposed, to hitting the local fast food drive-thru and indulging in mass produced junk.

I enjoy forming a relationship with the chef and staff, rather than getting let down by the part-time employee, that just happens to forget to put the french fries in the bag again.

What makes you think Car Buyers are any different?

People love to feel appreciated and will spend significantly more money with a business that makes them feel valuable, as opposed to a business that treats them as mass consumers.

By using the same system as your competitors and having the same old template looking website, you are doing nothing to make customers feel valuable.

Imagine what you could do if you were to Step Outside The Box and offer your customers the most amazing user experience possible.

I suggest you make your customers feel valuable and important by Stepping Outside the Box in 2014, and investing in a website and inventory system that sets your dealership apart from the competition.

By freeing your dealership and customers from the claustrophobia that comes along with traditional mass produced Dealer Websites…

You will be creating lifetime relationships with consumers who appreciate knowing they are important!

I would be glad to discuss helping your dealership create the most amazing user-friendly experience possible.

Feel Free to contact me at anytime.  Our websites can be used as stand alone marketing sites, so if you are sick of feeling boxed in your mandated system…

We can help free you from the limitations and propel your Brand to new heights!

To Your Success,

Matt Petersen

All Auto Network


NOTE: Many of our Car Dealers run our system as a marketing website, alongside their boring, corporate mandated boxes…This allows them the ability to Step Outside the Box and deliver a premier user experience.  Allow us to give your dealer a personality that attracts the masses and forms quality relationships 🙂

Amazing Classic Car Collection

We are fortunate to work with many of the Top Classic Car Dealers in the country and are actually in the process of developing a Top Secret Classic Car project that is going to transform the industry. It is set to launch in late 2013 and will revolutionize the way classic car dealers market and share their inventory. Wanted to share this great link that was sent by a friend. It features one of the most valuable classic car collections in the world. Enjoy!!!

Click the Picture  Below to View:


Amazing Classic Car Collection

Robot Cars–The Future or Signs of The End?

robot cars

self driving robot cars


I felt obligated to write about the above link.  Being a fond lover of technology it should seem obvious that  I would be a big fan of this emerging technology.  Unfortunately, I am also a big fan of the human condition and ability of man.  Has society really sank to such a level,  that we as humans,  need to be taken out of the driver seat of our vehicles and replaced with robots or other forms of artificial intelligence?  Are we really that incapable of operating our own vehicles?  Have we become too lazy and distracted to handle such a task?   And who really benefits from this new technology?

Convenience, Safety, and Savings are always the selling points of such technology.  Coincidentally,  they are also the typical bait that is used to get people to trade their personal responsibilities and freedoms for a less stressful and easier life.  I don’t mean to sound like a skeptic or conspiracy theorist, but rather than get stimulated with the thought of having a robot or computer drive my car…I get disturbed and have to ask the following questions:

1.  Who will control the robots that drive my car?

2.  What happens when my robot driver malfunctions or even worse gets hacked?

3.  What type of data is being mined by my robot driver and who is accessing and profiting from this data?

4.  Will my robot be able to entertain my children, while I indulge in fast food and update my social networks?

5.  Will my children still need to ride in child seats?  If not, how many jobs are going to be lost when that industry is put out of business?

7.  Will my robot scream profanities when the robot in front of him/her suddenly brakes for a deer? Can it be programmed to only do so when the children are not in the car?

8.  Will my insurance company encourage me to buy their “All New” robot insurance?  Will George Soros open a discount robot insurance company?

9.  Will couples be able to engage in backseat love making while on the highway?  Will there be designated love making zones?  What will those signs look like? LOL

And how could I forget…

10.  Will the NSA have secret spy cams and recording devices installed in my robot just for additional safety?

Would love to hear your thoughts and concerns…


Classic and Collector Car Photography

A good portion of our clientele are classic and collector car dealers who deal in rare and exotic vehicles. Selling those types of vehicles for top dollars requires taking the time to do detailed research on vehicle history and maintenance, write excellent descriptions, and take amazing pictures or course. The picture taking can be tricky and require a lot of time to master. We are proud to say that we have eliminated that stress and are now offering a professional photography service for a very affordable price. Simply send us a basic photo and we will make it into a masterpiece worthy of hanging in a museum. Click the picture below to see just how amazing this new AAN service is. It can be used for any kind of photo you want. We have done private jets, yachts, dogs, motorcycles, and even RV’s. Your competitors will flip and your profits will increase.



classic car photography

classic and collector car photography