How to Sell Donald Trump a Car


Imagine if you had the opportunity to sell Donald Trump a car…

I know what you are thinking…

There is no way Donald Trump would buy a car from our dealership.

If your dealer website looks like a clone of your competition and you are using the same exact tools and strategies that every other dealership is using…

You are probably right. Donald Trump would never do business with you.

The key to capturing clientele like the Trumpster is to create an exceptional buying experience and form a memorable relationship.

In other words…You need to build a BRAND.

The first step in creating an exceptional buying experience is to step outside of the box and quit doing things the same way your competitors do.

The best way to accomplish this, is to quit listening to all of the so called “gurus” who sell the latest and greatest sales widgets/solutions at the dealer conventions.

You know the ones I am talking about…

They are incredible sales people and can hypnotize audiences to buy just about anything.

The only problem is that most of them are selling products that are overpriced and ineffective. (snake oil)

I always laugh when I am sitting at the bar at a dealer convention and one of the “pep rallies” lets out and all of the glassy eyed attendees start filing in and talking about their amazing new sales widgets/solutions and how they are going to shatter sales records.

This is usually when I, and the multi millionaire dealer owner, I just happened to meet at the bar while everybody else was getting brainwashed decide to go out by the pool and take a break from the chaos.

Much like Trump, he appreciates the fact that I stepped outside the box, did not use the same sales pitch everybody else was using, and delivered a superior user experience.

Donald Trump is the same way, so quit listening to all of these convention “gurus” and allow me to help you create the BRAND you always dreamed of…

If you are ready to transform the way your dealership does business and take your game to the next level, call me on my cell at 262-716-6785 and we can discuss ways to reach your goals.

To Your Success,

Matt Petersen
All Auto Network

P.S.  If you are using one of the highly marketed big box systems…You are missing out on HUGE INCOME POTENTIAL.

Carriage House Motor Cars–Legendary Classic Car Dealer

Michael Carriagehouse Motorcars

If you are familiar with the world of Classic and Collector Cars, you probably know about Michael Schudroff, the owner and founder of Carriage House Motor Cars.  For over 45 years, Michael has been one of the leading forces in the Collector Car industry.  His passion for “perfection” has helped make him an authority in the Buying, Selling, Restoring, and Leasing of Exceptional Motorcars.

Recently, Michael and the crew of CHMC went on the road thru Americas Heartland this Labor Day Weekend.  Some stops included Auburn where you cant miss the annual  Auburn Cord Duesenberg Rally and the Museum dedicated to preserving incredible automobiles, buses and old trucks .

The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum, a National Historic Landmark, has welcomed nearly two million visitors from all 50 states and from over 40 countries since the museum opened its doors at Noon on Saturday, July 6, 1974. It inhabits the former Auburn Automobile Company’s international headquarters building, a place where history was made over 75 years ago! Many of the Auburn, Cord, and Duesenberg automobiles you see driving around Auburn, Indiana, each Labor Day weekend were designed and developed in this very building.

MSNBC News named the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum one of the “Top Ten Gearhead Destinations in the United States.”  It is easy for visitors to see why the museum has received such high national praise. This automotive mecca exhibits over 120 cars ranging from 1894 to 2002 and automotive displays on three floors. The museum has the greatest and most extensive collection of Auburn, Cord, and Duesenberg automobiles in the world, and features the largest exhibit of Duesenberg automobiles on public display in the world

Coming back Sunday , the CHMC gang did not want to miss the Annual Lime Rock Rally.  Some of Michael Schudroff’s Ferraris and Astons were on display, along with so many other great cars including 5 of Ralph Lauren’s personal collection.  You can view some of the pictures they took and learn more about their Labor Day Road trip by visiting their Facebook page at

While Michael and the crew from Carriage House Motor Cars were enjoying their road trip, Michael’s very rare 1961 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II Drop Head Convertible was being used by Evan Ross (Hunger Games) and Ashlee Simpson (Jessica Simpsons sister) for their star studded wedding, which was held at the estate of Diana Ross (one of Michael’s personal friends).

evan ross wedding

Like any of the vehicles you can regularly find at Carriage House Motor Cars, the Silver Cloud II brought smiles to the faces of spectators and reminded everybody of simpler times and superior design and engineering.

All Auto Network is pleased to be the chosen website and inventory provider for Michael and the rest of the staff at Carriage House Motor Cars.  It is always a joy for us to work with the Top Classic and Collector Car Dealers in the country.

Their website provides an overview of their services with incredible collector cars added often.
Checking out Carriage House Motor Cars and Michael Schudroff, could well prove to be a very informed investment!


Why Selling Cars Is Like Making Love

I think what most car sales people and dealerships fail to recognize is that selling cars is like making love.  I know that might sound funny at first.

Let me explain my theory and perhaps it will help clean up the negative car sales stereotypes that exist and make buying a car a more enjoyable experience for everybody.

Step 1: Make It Shine

If you are going to make wonderful love, or get top dollar for your vehicles…You need to be as visually appealing as possible.  This requires spending time detailing yourself and your product.  I am constantly disappointed when I see the pictures dealerships use to sell their cars.

The problem is that most dealerships are using boxed systems that are sold to the masses and allow little to no customization options.  The image galleries they provide are very limited and make for a rather lack luster user experience.  If you are looking to increase your game…you need to have the tools needed to do so.

Take a look at Exotic Classics and you will see how creating a stunning visual is the 1st step in finding success. Click the Picture Below to See How To Sell More Cars

Custom Dealer Website

Step 2: Get Your Product In The Right Hands

If you are going to make wonderful, passionate, love you will need to find quality prospects who are interested in what you have to offer.  Selling Cars in no different.  Many dealers and sales people are under the assumption that More Leads = More Sales.  They get excited when companies promise to deliver more leads, but what they fail to realize is that the vast majority of these companies are delivering sub par, or in many cases, even Fake Leads.

If you are going to find success you need to realize the magic is in the Quality not the Quantity.  Knowing your product, how to market it, and where to put it is the key.  We are experts at inventory syndication and know how to get your product in the right hands.  Our knowledge eliminates the tire kickers and allows you to close more deals.

Step 3:  Make Them Feel Comfortable

The more comfortable you can make people feel…The better your love making or car selling experience will be.  Nothing is a bigger turn off than pulling up to a dealership and having a group of hungry, car sales people standing outside, immediately put their cigarettes out and rush over to practically tear you out of your car and try to sell you something you are not interested in.  The same is true when it comes to love making.

Get a hold of yourself and make people feel comfortable and relaxed.  Nobody likes to be pressured.  Pressuring people into buying cars leads to as many regrets as pressuring people into making love.  Be a gentleman/woman and you will build lifetime relationships that continue to prosper with age.

Step 4:  Honesty and Trust

Honesty is the key to happiness and paves the road towards trusting and fulfilling relationships.  If you are going to make beautiful love, or find success selling cars, you need to be 100% Honest.  It is unfortunate that honesty is the one characteristic the vast majority of the population would never associate with car sales people.  It is the biggest stereotype that exists in the industry and one that almost all dealerships struggle to reverse.

Dishonesty is the biggest turn off in the world and it always leads to disaster in the end.  We need to change this negative stereotype and the only way to do it is to be Honest and Ethical with every interaction.   This will allow you to build Trust in the hearts and minds of others and will make for a mutually enjoyable experience.

Step 5:  Enjoy The Ride/Communicate

Communication is the key to fulfilling love making.  It is also the key to finding success selling cars.  If the ride is not enjoyable…Don’t expect people to have a burning desire to want to take another one.  The Test Drive is your chance to encourage your client to test the waters and experiment a little bit.  Encourage them to “open it up”, “try all the toys”, and “find a comfortable position”.  Ask them what they like and give them what they ask for…If you can do this you will find success selling cars and making love.

Treat your customers like lovers and you will never have to worry about the stresses involved with selling cars.

If you or your dealership,  need a make over and want to up your game…Give me a call and I will gladly provide a free consultation.

To Your Success,

Matt Petersen

All Auto Network



Chicago Motor Cars

Chicago Motor Cars is a Luxury and Exotic Car Dealer located in West Chicago, Illinois.  They came to us because they wanted their website to reflect their inventory.  They are one of the Top Ebay Sellers in the country and have 100% positive feedback with $1 billion in sales.

We recently launched their new website and since they came aboard, their traffic is up nearly 40% and still trending upward.

You can view their new website by clicking the screenshot below.

Chicago Motor Cars

Lamborghini Crashes in London–Must See Video

The streets of London are not necessarily the best place to be whipping around in a Lamborghini. Take a look at this Lamborghini crash caught on tape by a bystander.

All Auto Network is proud to be the chosen website provider for many of the Top Lamborghini Dealers in the world. We pride ourselves on providing superior design and unique user experience. Our Custom Dealer Websites are the most powerful sales tool Auto Dealers can possess.  Contact Us Today